Individual Counselling Services

Kitchener Waterloo Therapy

Therapy for Individuals

Individual Sessions focus on the needs of the client.  This approach allows client’s to reach their goals quickly and be confident in their lives moving forward as the goal is to unpackage past traumas or issues while at the same time develop coping mechanisms for the future.

Children’s counselling focuses on giving children a safe place to express themselves. During counselling I help children understand their emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms. Children learn skills to be able to control their emotions, and change how they react to situations. Parents are provided with information to help support children to integrate the skills learnt into their day to day lives.

Adolescent Counselling can help adolescents work through body image issues, anxiety, depression, stress, parental divorce, peer relationships, bullying and other issues. Through therapy, teenagers can gain skills to better regulate their emotions. This can lead to better academic success, family relationships and increased self esteem.