Family Counselling

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Family Counselling


Family Counselling focuses on helping families to reconnect and develop better relationships through improved communication. Effective strategies help families to improve emotional connection and understanding between parents, children, and adolescents.

Parent Consultations ​can help parents to develop the skills to better manage children’s behaviours. As a believer of positive approaches to parenting, sessions will help parents to understand the stage the child is in and support their children to be successful in life.

Blended families come with a whole different set of stressors. It can be difficult to integrate family traditions, values and beliefs. Parenting approaches may be different, and the new relationships can be fragile. Counselling can help to navigate through this process and ensure
every member of the family feels supported and loved.

Adoption or fertility, or gender issues present another set of complexities in parenting. The goal of enhancing parenting skills is to improve empathy, listening and communication skills between parents and children and decrease frustration and conflict.