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Imago therapy helps people to communicate effectively with each other, especially those in couple relationships, and to feel more satisfied and connected using the Imago Dialogue (Hendrix, 1991).  It helps couples to understand the frustrations that get them stuck in familiar patterns.

Most people face only a few core issues, but these arise often within their relationships. This can overshadow the positives shared by the couple and leave them wondering if they have chosen the right partner.  When couples understand the feelings of their partner they can enjoy a more intimate connection with them. The Imago Dialogue helps to reduce blame and reactivity and shift to understanding and empathy. Couples can transform conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth which helps them to connect more deeply and lovingly.  

Imago Therapist Kitchener-Waterloo

Susan Rosenblum is an Imago Therapist located in Kitchener-Waterloo.  She treat concerns related to trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, self esteem, relationship stresses, and effective communication.