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Couples Counselling


Couples Counselling focuses on developing skills to communicate effectively to connect more intimately. The bond between a couple is powerful, and through it people can feel a sense of wellness – enhancing this connection is the goal of counselling. Couples can find themselves stuck and then seek to develop skills to help get through difficult issues and manage conflict. All relationships change over time, and therapy helps to understand the stages of relationships and navigate hurdles and achieve your shared vision with each other. Most people face only a few core issues, but when these arise, they can overshadow the positives they share. Sometimes when people get into the same conflicts they wonder if they have chosen the right partner. Improving communication can help couples understand the feelings of their partner so they can enjoy a more intimate connection. Therapy can help reduce blame and reactivity and shift to understanding and empathy. Couples can transform conflicts into opportunities for healing and growth which helps them to connect more deeply and lovingly.

Premarital Counselling facilitates communication between a new couple as they prepare to commit to a long-term partnership, providing the tools to help them be resilient as a team.

Couples therapy helps people to communicate effectively with each other, and to feel more satisfied and connected using better listening and connecting skills. Couples benefit from understanding the frustrations that get them into familiar patterns.